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Dennis knows firsthand how quickly a simple mistake can turn into a life-altering legal issue. As a teenager, a judge tried to have him thrown in jail on a traffic ticket without him having a lawyer or even a parent present. That is, until a fiery young public defender came to his aid.

A few months’ worth of community service (and no jail time) later, Dennis’s perspective was forever changed. He knew that not only did he want to become a lawyer, but he wanted to become that kind of lawyer. The kind that fights hard to protect his client’s future, no matter the circumstances that led them to where they are.

Dennis’s Perspective on Justice

Dennis’s story is just one of countless examples that shows how trigger-happy the Texas justice system can be. Every day, innocent people are thrown into jail, good parents are denied child custody, and injury victims aren’t properly compensated by those who harmed them — all because some people are more interested in closing a case than fighting for a fair and just outcome.

Dennis’s mentality is quite the opposite. Everyone — from kids who make mistakes to employees who get hurt at work — deserves to have a strong advocate on their side. Dennis takes pride in being that advocate for the people who live in and around Austin, Texas.

No one should feel victimized by the legal system. That’s exactly why I do what I do.

Legal Experience

For Dennis, the fast-paced world of law was a clear fit from the beginning. After law school, he started his legal career as a public defender in Los Angeles. There, he handled 36 trials in 3 years and was assigned about 16 new cases each day on the job. As you can imagine, this experience taught him how to move cases quickly and efficiently. It also gave him a strong foundation in his trial practice.

After those three years in L.A., Dennis moved back to Austin and joined a local firm as a criminal defense attorney. Since his caseload was lighter than he was used to, he decided to branch out into the field of family law and, later, personal injury.

Now, as the founding attorney of The Law Office of Dennis Hunsberger, PLLC, Dennis continues to represent his fellow Texans in matters of criminal defense, personal injury, and family law. No matter how much time passes or how much the firm grows, though, Dennis is committed to keeping the practice focused on all the right things — giving every client the focus and respect they deserve, fighting for them as though they were family, and doing everything he and his colleagues can to pave their way toward a bright and healthy future.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what Dennis’s clients think of him by exploring his reviews on Yelp.