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No matter where she shows up, Rachel Gartman is fully equipped to do battle. When Rachel takes on a case, her clients reap the benefit of her considerable knowledge, diligence, and intense personal investment.

Rachel deeply feels the emotional stress that legal turmoil inflicts on her clients. She strives to lessen the load by carrying each case to its best possible outcome. Her sympathy and calm, rational attitude help judges, mediators, and opposing attorneys to see the heart of the matter and reach favorable agreements.

When negotiations are not enough, Rachel is a fierce competitor in the courtroom. She gets a feisty glint in her eye at the mention of trial. She knows the evidence rules like the back of her hand, she maps out each stage of trial meticulously in advance (with guidance from the Dwight D. Eisenhower adage, “In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”), and she unfolds the evidence in a persuasive story told with flash and flair.

Personal Injury

When a business injures someone, it leaves them in a David-and-Goliath situation—one small person against the Colossus of a corporation. Luckily, Rachel focuses on standing up for the little guy. She has built her practice around holding huge corporations’ feet to the fire and forcing them to compensate those they have wronged, whether the defendant is a grocery store with dangerously slippery aisles, a negligent motorist, or a stingy insurance company trying to wriggle out of its obligation to pay.

Criminal Defense

A staunch defender of constitutional rights, Rachel fights for her clients’ freedom. All too often, people assume that a defendant is guilty merely on the basis of the accusation. Rachel believes our Founding Fathers intended better than that—they crafted a system where criminal defendants have a right to stand up for themselves and their rights and to present their full case to a jury of impartial peers. And they have the right to do it all through a representative familiar with the system. Rachel stands between criminal defendants and overzealous law enforcement agents and prosecutors bent on assuming the worst, exaggerating the truth, and punishing for nothing or punishing too much for the situation.

Divorces and Child Custody

Rachel knows that each family law case is vastly different from the rest, so she strives to provide legal services customized to the individual needs in each case. While many cases settle amicably, Rachel is always ready to do battle in the courtroom should the need arise. She protects clients’ rights and helps them plan for the future. For custody matters, Rachel represents Fathers, Mothers and even Grandparents in highly contested cases. Rachel takes seriously a parent’s most precious gift:  time with their child.


Rachel understands the importance of a good plan. When people do not make an estate plan, it can leave family members vulnerable in the event of catastrophe. Family members are often left with no clear direction, no legal authority to make decisions, no legal right to property, and heavy debt or estate taxes. Rachel helps people decide exactly what will happen to their assets and sets it down in the right language to make sure their intentions are carried out. Rachel strives to provide peace of mind to her clients and their families.

Rachel graduated from the University Texas School of Law, one of the top fifteen law schools in the country, in 2018. Her knowledge of the law is both nuanced and fresh. At Texas Law, she excelled in mock trial and moot court competitions. She received the Dean’s Achievement Award for earning the highest score in her Criminal Procedure course on the rights of criminal defendants against unlawful searches, seizures, and interrogations. She gained real-world experience during law school by shadowing and assisting attorney Dennis Hunsberger, clerking at the Texas Indigent Defense Commission, and volunteering with the Actual Innocence Clinic.

Before law school, Rachel obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Houston in Anthropology and with minors in Spanish and in English with a concentration in Linguistics.

When Rachel is not standing up for the rights of those who need it most, she sculpts large, colorful paper mâché animals, embroiders iconic album covers, and seeks the holy grail of whole-food, plant-based nutrition to make every mouth water.