Meet Our Attorneys & Staff

Dennis Hunsberger

Founding Attorney

Dennis discovered his passion for law at an early age and realized his potential as a litigator shortly after graduating from law school. Now, Dennis uses that passion and skill to protect people from all walks of life on matters of criminal defense, personal injury, and family law disputes.

Rachel Gartman


Rachel graduated from the University Texas School of Law, one of the top fifteen law schools in the country, in 2018. Her knowledge of the law is both nuanced and fresh. No matter where she shows up, Rachel Gartman is fully equipped to do battle. When Rachel takes on a case, her clients reap the benefit of her considerable knowledge, diligence, and intense personal investment.

Ashley Amor


Ashley moved to Austin in 2008 and joined The Law Office of Dennis Hunsberger, PLLC in 2013. As the firm’s paralegal, Ashley handles scheduling, client discoveries, general office management, and trial preparation. As an added bonus, she can discuss your case in English or Spanish — whichever you’re more comfortable with.

We Treat You
Like a person, not
a case number

To us, your legal concern is never “just another case” because we know how much it could impact the rest of your life. That’s a responsibility we take very seriously, and it’s the reason we give 110% to each and every client.

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Talk to You Like a Friend

Part of our firm philosophy is to speak to you like a friend, not just a client. Using our legal insight, we will clearly explain your rights, your options, and what we believe you should do next.

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Guide You Like a Counselor

As your law firm, we want to do more than represent you. We want to give you the knowledge and tools you need, which in turn helps us build the right legal plan for you.

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Fight for You Like Family

Whether your case can be settled outside of court or needs to go all the way to trial, trust that we’ll be there every step of the way. Your fight is our fight, and we’re not the kind to back down.

Dedicated to our community

Volunteering at Texas High Schools

Each year, our founding attorney, Dennis, volunteers with lawyering programs at Texas high schools. Through his volunteering, he has judged mock trial competitions, worked with students to improve their debate skills, and strengthened these programs as a whole.

Speaking at Project Engage

Project Engage is a local program that works to give a second chance to teenagers in trouble with the law. When Dennis attends the program’s monthly meetings, he uses his insight in law and in life to speak to the youth about changing their paths for the better.

Mentoring Fellow & Future Attorneys

To ensure that the criminally accused are getting the best possible representation in Texas, Dennis volunteers with the Capital Area Private Defender Service (CAPDS). In addition, he invites 2-3 interns to work at the firm every summer in order to learn from a seasoned legal professional.

Feel like the underdog?

Let us step in to even the odds.

We Don’t Back Down from a Challenge

Sizing up your legal opponent can be scary, especially when you feel like you’re single-handedly taking on an insurance company or the state of Texas. But the truth of the matter is that you’re not alone. You have the right to legal representation — and we want you to use it wisely.

Experienced at Taking on the “Big Dogs”

Since its inception, The Law Office of Dennis Hunsberger, PLLC has successfully represented clients against legal opponents who our clients thought were unbeatable. For instance, we have sued Walmart, we have recovered financial compensation from large insurance companies who initially refused to pay for our clients’ injuries, and we regularly go up against the state of Texas on behalf of our criminal defense clients.

Whether you’re trying to reach an agreement with an ex-spouse, struggling to get a fair payout from an insurance company, or overwhelmed at the thought of defending yourself against a criminal charge, know that we aren’t afraid to fight aggressively on your behalf.

Always Ready for Trial

As people looking out for your best interests, we will do everything we can to resolve your case without a need for trial. As experienced litigators, though, we will be more than ready to represent you in the courtroom if that’s what it takes. With more than 65 jury trials under our belt already, we have the knowledge, tools, and experience to make your voice heard in the courtroom.